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Constitutive Act of the Masonic Association

                                      Grand Lodge of Jerusalem Malta

                                      Masonic Cultural Association

The year 1966 on 04 November at the asocial headquarters in Wardija San Paul By.Malta,

present the gentlemen.

By means of this deed, the convention stipulated the following:


Among those present, in compliance with article 36 et seq. Of the Civil Code, the Association

with the name "Grand Lodge of Jerusalem" in short also "Masonic Association".

Art.2 The Masonic Association is based in Malta.


The Association has the main purpose of disseminating and deepening the moral, civil and

intellectual iva.ori of universal free masonry as illustrated in more detail in the annexed

bylaws, which is an integral part of this deed of incorporation.

Art.4 The Association has an unlimited duration in time.

Art.5 The association will have as its guiding principles, analyzed in detail in the annexed

bylaws, which is an integral part of this deed of incorporation: absence of profit, exclusive

pursuit of social solidarity purposes, democratic nature of the structure.


elective, free of charge of the associative positions, sovereignty of the assembly, prohibition

on carrying out activities other than institutional ones, with the exception of marginal eco-

nomic ones.


The bodies of the association are: The shareholders' meeting, the Governing Council, the

President, the Board of Auditors and the Board of Arbitrators.

The Gentlemen are members of the Board of Directors.

The appointment, duration and dismissal of the aforementioned bodies are regulated in

detail in the attached Statute.


The expenses of this deed, annexed and dependent are agreed upon exclusively by the

Association here established.


The first fiscal year will close on 04 November 2028.


The statute is an integral part of this deed - on 32 articles, same on 7 sheets. Drafted in tripli-


Read, approved and signed in Malta at Wardija San.Paul by. On 04 November 1966.

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