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DECREE N. 67432A

Grand lodge of Jerusalem

Masonic Union of Initiatory Strict Observance

US Grand Master Nicole Hamilton

GRAND MASTER and PRESIDENT Grand Lodge of Jerusalem



    Art. 1 The GRAND LODGE OF JERUSALEM, also known as Lodge of Jerusalem based in Triq il Wardi-

    ja, St. Paul's Bay, is REGULARLY and INSTITUTIONALLY established and RECOGNIZED, This is in

    line with what was established on 04 November 1966.

    Art. 2 The currently operational lodges are transferred to the Grand Lodge of Jerusalem, in particular:

    Gran Lodge of St. Paul 37

    Gran Lodge Golden Roof 39

    Gran Lodge of Mdina 38

    Lodge of San Antonio 42

    Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Sydney

    Ordo AB Chao  Supreme Council degree 33

    Lodge Campo dei Fiori N67

    Lodge San Gabriel N46

    Lodge Sydney Order of Saint John of Jerusalem


Art. 3 This Decree is valid as a License Card as regards the Order and the Rite, as sanctioned by the

    attached document of the Grand Lodge of Medina which attributed to the Lodge of Jerusa-

    lem and the Lodges recognized by it, the MASONIC REGULARITY and the Fratena  Friendship.

    Art. 4 Current Grand Master Nicole Hamilton will take on the position of Grand Master of the

    UNITED GRAND LODGE OF JERUSALEM of which she is also President.


    Art. 5   The term of office of the Grand Master is indefinite unless corrective resolutions of the Supre-

    me Council Degree 33 ORDO Ab CHAO Malta


    Masonic Union of Initiatory Strict Observance


    Art. 6 The GRAND LODGE OF JERUSALEM is from this moment authorized to carry out Maso-

    nic activities both on the national and international territory.  It can in turn recognize other

    Grand Lodges and enter into treaties of Friendship with other National and International

    Masonic Powers.

    Art. 7 The following trademark is recognized as the Logo of the Lodge of Jerusalem

    Thus it was decreed, Zenith Malta II day of the III month of the Year on 04 / November 1966


    (Nicole Hamilton)

    Grand lodge of Jerusalem registered with notary Abela Rabat / Masonic Malta of Strict Initia-

    tory Observance.

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