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    Art.1.1 The members of the Communion recognize as members of their family all men of free thought who

    have taken a Masonic oath, whatever their rite, or country, this in respect of mutual Confessions, Sovereignty

    and Obediences.

    Art.1.2 The M. ’. V.’.  can grant that Frr. '.  members of the respective lodges attend other lodges, including

    those of different rites, confessions, sovereignties and obedience, as delegations representing the lodge itself,

    with the prior consent of the Grand Master.

    Art.2.1 The members of the Communion, in the spirit that wants Equality as a foundation, do not recognize any

    privileges for the Brothers. '  founders or others.  Everyone is required to pay the due, except in special cases.

    Art.3.1 The lodges gathered in an extraordinary session, in the presence of the members of the Supreme Coun-

    cil, chaired by M. ’. V.’., In office and by his predecessors, can decide sovereignly on any issue on the agenda.

    Art.3.2 The extraordinary session meeting is convened by M. '. V.'.  in his opinion or at the request of at least

    three members of the lodge.

    Art.4.1 The M. ’. V.’.  appoints the Dignitaries, distributes the assignments and likewise has the right to with-

    draw the assignments, if the Brother does not prove, for whatever reason, capable of carrying out the previously

    assigned assignment.

    Art.4.2 The M. ’. V.’.  in his judgments and to work he is assisted by the Council of Communion and is not

    subjected to it, without prejudice to any other provision of the Grand Master.

    Art.5.1 The lodges provide for the installation of the following Commissions:

    - Treasure

    - Charity

    - Initiations and Discipline

    - Representation

    Art.5.2 In each Commission one of the members is appointed by M. '. V.'., The others are proposed by Brr. '. 

    gathered in a loggia, in an ordinary session, with an open vote.  The members of the Commissions cannot be

    more than five

    Art.6.2 Anyone admitted to a lodge must have fulfilled the obligations required by the Bro. '. Treasurer and by

    the Bro.'  presenter on documents.

    Art.6.3 Omitted ....

    Art.7.1 The treasure of the Lodge is a common patrimony and therefore used for purposes which all its mem-

    bers can benefit directly or indirectly, since the Communion has no profit-making purpose.

    Art.8.1 The Treasury Commission of the Lodges has the right to request the viewing of the accounting records

    and make due checks, provided that it is jointly composed.  No individual member can make specific requests

    to the Communion Treasurer.

    Art.8.2 A six-monthly budget will be drawn up by each individual Lodge, which the Commission will commu-

    nicate to the Communion for appropriate checks.

    Art.8.3 Omitted ...

    Art.9.1 The Council for initiations and discipline may, if it deems it necessary, express judgment and proceed

    with sanctions after having submitted the opinion to the Council of the Community.

    Art.10.1 The Representation Commission is obliged to go wherever requested by the Lodge.

    Art.10.2 Omitted ...

    Art.10.3 The assembled commissions draw up a calendar of work for the various degrees of the Order.

    Art.10.4 In case of divergence between the members of the Commissions, they can contact the Council of


    Art.11.1 The members of the Lodges adopt as a distinctive sign the use of the chlamys, depending on the order

    and rank, in addition to the medal reproducing the Seal of the Lodge, attached to a blue cord.

    Art.11.2 Omitted ...

    Art.12.1 Communion adopts the ancient rituals as established by the Supreme Council.

    Art.13.1 Omitted… Art.14.1 Each passage of light will be proposed and if the case voted by the brothers

    making up the Triangle, plus an elderly brother making up the individual commissions and the Ex-Venerables.

    Art.14.2 Omitted ...

    Art.15.1 Recourse to the vote will be held only and exclusively in the event that the Commissions have not

    been able to deliberate for various reasons.

    Art.16.1 I MM. '. VV.'.  new Lodges formed in the sense of communion will have a mandate for a year and will

    be elected by the reunited Council, similarly for the 1st and 2nd Overseer.  At the end of the mandate, we will

    proceed as provided by the General Statutes.

    Art.16.2 Omitted ...

    Art.17.1 All the Masonic material of the lodges is common patrimony.  It will be the task of the members of the

    Sacred Triangles of the elders of the Commissions, of the treasurers, of the treasurers, of the first Architects to

    decide on this matter.

    Art.17.2 The Temple and its contents, the assets of the lodges and the library are common heritage.

    Art.18.1 The “Act of Comunion” document is signed and becomes an integral part of the internal regulations of the lodges.

    Art.20.1 The Council of the Community is defined as the Supreme Body. (Without prejudice to the prerogatives of the Grand Master), there are called Br. '  with dignity

    not inferior to the degree of Master and the Venerable of the Single Lodges.  The council is made up of Brothers belonging to several lodges who are formed up to a

    maximum of three members per lodge.  The Council of the Community is the only body that can propose appropriate guidelines for the MM. ’. VV.’.  and decree the

    expulsion of any Fr. '., subject to justified and manifest reason.

    Art.20.2 The Council is responsible for accepting honorary Brothers also belonging to other Obediences, confessions and / or Sovereignties.

    Art.20.3 The supervisors and the secretaries cannot be part of the Council;  by right, the Orator of each Lodge is part of it, plus two other Frr. '  indicated by M. '. V.'. 

    and by the Overseers as long as they are awarded the rank of Master.

    Art.21.1 Omitted ...

    Art.22.1 The Sacred Triangle appoints the Commissions and can choose them in its judgment, or at the request of the Council, always for justified reasons.

    Art.23.1 Since the temple is owned, any other lodges will be admitted to the works, including those of different orders or obediences, only with the consent of MM. ’.

    VV.’.  and the Council, which will appoint a Br. '  Overseer who will be a guest of these lodges.  The Council will assign to its Treasurer the task of negotiating the fees

    for the use of the temple.

    Art.24.1 This Regulation, which consists of 24 articles, does not exclude what is reported in the General Statutes of the Order, in the Regulations and in the Lodge

    Regulations.  For what is not reported (Omitted) and by virtue of the LandMarks in use, please refer to the final judgment of the Gran Maestranza

    … OF WORK

    2.1 The lodges agree to perform the ritualistic works as a unit at least three times a year.

    2.2 The joint ritualistic works will be chaired in turn by M. '. V.'.  of the respective lodges.

    2.3 The National flags of the FF will always be present in the works of the Lodge. '  foreigners.

    2.4 All lodges adhering to the Communion will participate in a first degree session jointly on December 12 of each year, called the “Odies Round”.

    2.5 All participating lodges will compulsorily participate in a solemn first degree session which will be held on September 17th of each year, with compulsory agape. 

    On this occasion the standards of each lodge will be exhibited.  The agape will be chaired by the Dignitaries presiding over the Community


    3.1 The communion between lodges finds its cohesive foundation in its very industriousness.

    3.2 Communion is presided over by a L. '. M.'.  who held the position of M. '.  V. ’. For at least one mandate 3.3 A common fund is set up in which all participating

    lodges will participate.

    3.4 It will be the duty of the Communion to provide for the establishment of a common library, with the contribution of 50% of the Tronco della Vedova, of each

    individual lodge.

    3.5 The community library will be administered by an archivist, appointed by the Commission.

    3.6 The Treasury of Communion will be administered by a Treasurer, appointed by the Commission.  The Treasurer of the Commission is assisted by the Treasurers and

    Bursars of the individual adhering lodges. The Treasurer of the communion will dispose of the treasury on a mandate from the President of the Commission and at the

    request of the Gran Maestranza.

    3.7 Each lodge will pay all proceeds from initiations, pay increases, light increases, affiliations and capitals to the communion treasury.  Unless otherwise approved or

    decided by the Grand Master after hearing the opinion of the Obedience dignitaries

    3.8 The treasury of communion will provide limited availability to the particular financial needs of the lodges, after consultation with the Council of the Order and upon

    approval of this subject to prior ratification by the Great Maestranza


    4.1 A Commission is established, of which the M. '. V.' Are members by right.  of the single member lodges, plus two dignitaries of the same.  The commission presides

    over the union of Communion and is dependent on the Great Maestranza

    4.2 The Commission aims to work so that the community spirit can increasingly develop and consolidate itself in the glory of the Architect of the universe

    4.3 The Commission will meet, in White session, at least four times a year, establishing its own calendar and drawing up a report. The commission establishes the date

    of the meeting of the members of the communion.  4.4 At least one M. · .V. ·.  and two dignitaries can ask the President for the extraordinary convocation of the

    Commission.  or to the Grand Master

    4.5 The Commission may deliberate and implement the regulations provided they are not in contrast with the General Statutes of the Order and the Regulations of the

    lodges.  and ratified by the Grand Master.

    4.6 The Commission has the task of observing that harmony and serenity are the foundations of the work of each individual Lodge.

    4.7 The Commission may, at the request of the M. · .V. ·.  of the lodges belonging to, deliberate economic aid, social benefits to the FF. ·.  indicated, in case of need. 

    upon notice to the Gran Maestranza

    4.8 Any document between the Commission and the M. '. V.'.  it will bear a special seal that will represent Communion.  Each document bearing the seal will be an

    official act of Communion and therefore used for acts of great importance and common interest.

    4.9 A Secretary of Communion will be appointed by the Commission, with the task of keeping the acts, documents, the register of the commission and the seal of

    Communion.  the use of the seal of Communion belongs only to the Grand Master.

    4.10 The Commission operates with an open vote.  Its decisions and resolutions are executive with the achieve-

    ment of the relative majority.  Subject to Magistral approval.

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